Powerful Custom Wiccan Spells

Are you in a situation that you just can’t seem to escape? Does your partner want to leave you for someone else? Is the spark or “magic” simply no longer there? Do you wish to reignite an old relationship or draw back an old flame? Is there a lack of passion in the bedroom? Is your financial situation in the gutter? Do you seem to have no luck at the casino? Does your career need a boost? No matter the situation, The Strawberry Path can help you! We have been casting real love spells for generations in-family and our methods are tried and true!

Our family uses the most potent, traditional holistic healing and energy work in order to help you accomplish your dreams and desires
(authentic witchcraft or voodoo is used). Our prayers and meditations are extremely strong which is why we guarantee everything we do! We specialize in love, however, can help with many other areas of life as well!

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No matter how long we have been doing this, no amount of experience changes the fact that all cases are completely unique. Therefore, all of our love spells are custom tailored to your situation (which is part of what makes us so successful at what we do).

During the spell itself, we always keep our clients updated and provide thorough reports. You are never left in the dark and have direct access to a personal case worker who will always answer your questions.

Free Consultation Process

You deserve to have a thorough consultation from a professional. The Strawberry Path never charges for a consultation and we take ample time to get to know the situation before providing any sort of quote. We foster a “no pressure” environment, that allows you to take the fullest advantage of our expert opinion, without any obligation to hire us!

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